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Perfect to work on heights, manlift platforms can move workers to as high as 40m high.


Diesel scissor lifts from 12 to 17 meters and electric scissor lifts ranging from 8 to 14 meters

Scissor lifts are used for most maintenance and construction jobs, both indoors and outdoors. Choose between electric lifts perfect for indoor tasks and fuel lifts which perform very well outdoors, no matter if the ground is levelled or not.


Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are perfect for hard access areas, since the articulated arm allows you to move the elevated platform around existing obstacles in the work area. There are specific models to work indoors and outdoors, whether you are doing maintenance, reconstruction, industrial, or paint jobs.


22 meters diesel telescopic boom lift

Telescopic boom lifts are perfect for jobs requiring horizontal spacing in work areas and are very easy to maneuver. The telescopic arm can move right into the place where the job needs to be performed, giving you the required height and flexibility. They are used in industrial maintenance and in buildings’ renovation and upkeeping.