Site Services

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Site Services

Site services allow you to optimize your work site with comfort areas and sanitary facilities, providing sleeping quarters and housing areas for dislocated workers, also allowing other relevant features such as training rooms or meal areas.


Office space

Choose between the simplest models, with a single room, and the most intricate, with private rooms and toilet. Office space modules run between 9.7 m² and 19.5 m².



Build your solution along with our technical services. Each module can be customized according to our clients’ needs, and supplied with air conditioning, lighting, balconies, stairs, roofing or whatever else may be necessary according to each scenario. Reach us for further information.



Reinforce the protection of your workspace. These 5 m2 booths are ideal for functions that require small spaces, such as concierge or small event rooms.


Portable toilets

See our range of portable toilets, bathing facilities or both, starting with the simplest and going up to those with male and female separate accommodations, these last requiring connection to the public water and sewage systems.