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We are Leader in Equipment Rental

A Vendap EF tem como:

Vendap EF’s mission is to lead the equipment rental market, namely in any sector connected with construction, offering to the Angolan Market combined solutions, technological sound and capable of generating the social and economic benefits which come with the best business practices. We want to add value to the country and the people daily helping it grow, making it our job to assure the fullest satisfaction to all our partners regarding swiftness, capability, safety, and efficiency.

Vendap EF wants to strength its position within the Angolan market as a modern-day company, prepared to face the challenges arising to the fair and prosperous society to which we want to belong. Our team, made up of around 200 workers, is highly trained and works with the goal of satisfying and anticipating the market’s needs and trends. We are concentrated in the permanent evolution of our business and in the continuous training of our workers to ensure we do our part in the building and strengthening of our country.


For the financial stability and active engagement in the market.


For the efficiency in managing the job, in active listening and in the search of combined solutions for our clients.


Assured by the discipline, the technical and human know-how in the performance, as well as by the collected experience throughout the years.

Vendap EF’s main business is construction equipment rental, having in mind the needs of the Angolan market, now and in the future.

At Vendap we work with:

Swiftness: our technical ability allows us to offer the best solution in the shortest amount of time.

Capability: we have the stability guaranteed by our technical, human and financial resources perfectly suited for any of our clients’ needs.

Safety: our diligence in everything we do assures maximum security in all areas we work on.

Efficiency: our goal is the full satisfaction of our clients, so we look for the best integrated solutions having in mind the fulfillment of the challenges we face.

“Ensuring the ability to build the future now.”

Why choose VENDAP EF

We will make your business thrive. More than just equipment rental, we offer a service and want to be by your side building your success.